About Us

The roots of our company, which has been producing in the medical textile and towel industry since 2011, started in 1960 with cotton cultivation. We stepped into the towel and medical textile sector in order to continue the success of my Grandfather Kenan Savrun, who exported abroad with 2 cotton processing plants in 1962. Since 2011, we have met the medical textile needs of many hospitals in Turkey as well as expanded to foreign markets. We export to nearly 60 countries such as the USA, ITALY, ENGLAND, GERMANY, BELGIUM, PORTUGAL, POLAND, ROMANIA.

Our company’s mission is to sell quality products at the most affordable price. For this reason, we prioritize trust in order to ensure that all your requests that you send to us are evaluated through a sensitive process, to give you suitable offers, and to ensure that our business will continue for years. Trust is our biggest capital.

Kind regards

General manager

Zeynel Abidin Savrun